Procurement relies on AFS

AFS's Resource Management, Finance Customer Service & Disbursement Solutions departments and the Procurement Organization have a unique blend of functional responsibilities that include purchasing services, accounts payable, and customer support services.

While each of these departments operates independently, they are part of an end-to-end process intent on delivering high quality support across Nationwide. At the core of our Source-to-Pay model is the ability to process a high volume of transactions in a consistent, effective and cohesive manner.

Procurement and AFS departments

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Procurement is responsible for the end-to-end sourcing process, from initial engagement through invoicing. Invoicing responsibilities of Procurement include:

  • Automated purchase order release to vendors
  • Corresponding with vendors on purchase order status
  • Purchase order line detail management
  • Resolving variances between invoices and purchase orders

AFS’s Accounts Payable team is responsible for invoice processing and vendor data management.

Standard payment terms are Net 60 for all goods and services invoices unless there is a purchase order or contract and blanket purchase order in place stating otherwise. All non-goods and services invoices are released on Due Now payment terms.

Nationwide’s preferred payment methods are electronically via ePay, ACH and Wire.

When registering to do business with Nationwide on the Ariba Network, all U.S. domestic vendors must provide a current W-9 (PDF) form that is signed and dated. All foreign vendors must provide a current W-8 (PDF) form that is signed and dated no less than 3 years old, including completing Part I and Part II.

The information on the forms is used to maintain correct and up-to-date information in our Vendor Database. The information includes Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), current supplier name and address. The TIN may be your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or, if you don’t have a FEIN, your Social Security number (SSN).

  1. All suppliers providing a physical product/good or service to Nationwide must register on the Ariba Network.
  2. Once registered, all invoices must be submitted via the Supplier Portal on the Ariba Network against a contract and blanket purchase order (BPO) or purchase order (PO).
    1. Questions regarding submitting invoices can be sent to
  3. If you are not providing a physical product/good or service to Nationwide, but a payment is required (sponsorship, membership dues, etc.), please work with your Nationwide contact, who will request for your organization to be set up in our system and will submit invoices on your behalf.

Contact our Nationwide AFS Finance customer service team for:

  • Where and how to submit invoices for non-good and service providers
  • Request for ACH, W-9 or W-8 forms

For efficient research, please provide the invoice date, number, amount, and PO or BPO number, if applicable.

Call: 1-866-780-3772, Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Note: If requesting a stop pay on a payment that Nationwide issued to you, contact your Nationwide business partner first.

If you have questions regarding a claim, please contact 1-800-421-3535.