How to verify unclaimed property

At Nationwide, we make our best effort to locate unclaimed property owners prior to remitting it to the state as required by abandoned property laws.

Do you believe you’re the rightful owner of property in Nationwide’s possession? Have you received a communication from us indicating you have unclaimed property with Nationwide? If so, please refer to our FAQs to determine what steps you need to take in order to claim this property.

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Each state has unclaimed property laws that require companies to make reasonable efforts to find and notify those to whom they owe property. If the company is unsuccessful in locating the property owner, the property is considered abandoned and must be reported and remitted (or “escheated”) to the proper state to be held in trust until it is claimed by the owner. There are different dormancy periods for remitting funds to a state, but generally, it is 3-5 years after the check was issued.

If you’ve received a letter from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company or an affiliate indicating that you have unclaimed property, this means a check or other asset has been issued to you that has not yet been cashed or claimed.