How to verify unclaimed property

At Nationwide, we make our best effort to locate unclaimed property owners prior to remitting it to the state as required by abandoned property laws.

Do you believe you’re the rightful owner of property in Nationwide’s possession? Have you received a communication from us indicating you have unclaimed property with Nationwide? If so, please refer to our FAQs to determine what steps you need to take in order to claim this property.

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Each state has unclaimed property laws that require companies to make reasonable efforts to find and notify those to whom they owe property. If the company is unsuccessful in locating the property owner, the property is considered abandoned and must be reported and remitted (or “escheated”) to the proper state to be held in trust until it is claimed by the owner. There are different dormancy periods for remitting funds to a state, but generally, it is 3-5 years after the check was issued.

If you’ve received a letter from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company or an affiliate indicating that you have unclaimed property, this means a check or other asset has been issued to you that has not yet been cashed or claimed.

Unclaimed property notifications are issued by Nationwide for all Nationwide affiliated companies, including Allied; Titan; Scottsdale; Vet Pet; Nationwide Life; Harleysville; Agribusiness; Nationwide Trust Company, FSB (Federal Savings Bank); Nationwide Financial; Nationwide Retirement Solutions and others. You can find a complete listing of Nationwide affiliated companies here. You may have received a property notification if you owned a policy from one of these companies, provided services to one of these companies or are the recipient of a beneficiary or claimant through another who owns a policy from one of these companies.

Within the first 6-9 months of the dormancy period, you may receive a courtesy letter from Nationwide requesting you to take action and confirm whether funds are due to you. Additionally, many states require that a Due Diligence letter is mailed to the property owner in certain circumstances, usually within one year or less of the time funds will be remitted to the state. This is Nationwide’s last attempt to contact the customer and is identified by “DD” at the bottom right corner of the letter. Open a sample letter to verify that the template is the same as the letter you received:

Property may be owed to you for any of the following reasons:
  • Refund for an insurance policy with Nationwide
  • Claim payment for an insurance policy issued by Nationwide
  • Annuity, pension, retirement account, or death benefits from Nationwide Financial companies
  • Trust Assets maintained at Nationwide Trust Company, FSB
  • Payment for services rendered to Nationwide

We do not require a Social Security number if a check is being reissued. However, Nationwide requires the last 4 digits of the customer’s Social Security number or business tax ID number if a name or address change is being requested.

Our (life insurance/annuity/retirement plans) claims department will contact you regarding the actions you need to carry out to complete the claim process. You’ll need to provide some or all of the following documentation, depending on the circumstances of the claim and state requirements:

  • Claim form
  • Death certificate
  • Documentation confirming that you are entitled to act on behalf of the beneficiary, such as a will, letter of administration or letter of testamentary
  • Copy of driver's license

Depending on the circumstance, additional supporting documentation may be required.

  • The second claimant will have to sign a release waiver, which must be notarized and returned to Nationwide along with the completed letter
  • If the second claimant is a lien holder or a body shop, proof that the lien has been satisfied must be provided to Nationwide along with the completed letter
  • If the second claimant is deceased, a copy of the death certificate must be provided to Nationwide along with the completed letter
  • If the funds were issued to a company that is no longer in business, return the letter and provide this information to Nationwide. Once Nationwide receives this documentation an internal review will take place to verify that it is appropriate to release the funds.
Please provide the following by U.S. mail or email:
  • Completed unclaimed property letter, including your name and signature
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security number 
  • Your current address 
Nationwide Corporate Escheat
PO Box 182239
Columbus, OH 43218-2239

Please allow 6-8 weeks for payment to arrive.

Nationwide Corporate Escheatment will reply within 24 business hours if a cover sheet requesting confirmation has been included in an email submission. An email address or contact phone number must be provided for confirmation to be sent.

Contact the Unclaimed Property Division in your state by visiting your state government’s website or by using the unclaimed property website at

To obtain proof of property related to unclaimed funds, please email Include the following:

  • Property owner’s name (the name in which the funds were issued)
  • State in which the funds were reported
  • Property owner’s address when the funds were first issued
  • Property owner’s current address
  • Property owner’s date of birth

You may also call us at 1-866-780-3772.