Make your home safer — and save.

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What is the smart home program?

This program is a new, innovative way to help keep your home safe from water damage, break-ins, fires and more with support from the Notion Smart Home Monitoring System. When you add this program to your policy, you get:

  • A discount on your property insurance — average savings of $50 on homeowners insurance1
  • Nearly 50% off the price of the Notion kit
  • An additional layer of protection for your home
  • The potential for less damage with early detection

How the smart home program works

Water damage is the source of most insurance claims — almost 30%, in fact. And the average cost of these claims is $11,000.2

This makes the Notion system all the more helpful. All you have to do is place Notion's sensors in the right spots — near doors, windows, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and water sources (e.g., toilets, air conditioners, sinks and pipes). Once installed, the sensors will watch for unusual activity, making your home safer and helping you get ahead of any problems that would otherwise become more catastrophic and costly later.

There are three parts to the Notion Smart Home Monitoring System:
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The sensors monitor water leaks, temperature changes, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and the opening and closing of doors and windows.

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The bridge is a plug-in device that relays information from the sensors to your smartphone via Wi-Fi.

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A Notion app provides alerts and allows you to manage your system from anywhere.

How to get started

Make sure you sign up for the smart home program when you get a quote. Once the policy is issued, follow these steps:

  1. Keep an eye out for an email from Nationwide® with a unique link to order your Notion device. This email provides an important activation code that allows you to receive a discount.
  2. Order a Notion kit at a discounted rate:
    • Three-sensor kit — $75
    • Five-sensor kit — $100
    • Additional sensors — 20% off
  3. When your kit arrives, download the Notion app to your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Install the bridge and sensors within 55 days to stay eligible for your discount.
  5. Start home monitoring.

[1] The discount applies to fire, theft and water coverages.
[2] 28.6% is the weighted average for 2015-2019; $11,000 is the weighted average of loss severity 2015-2019 (accessed October 11, 2021)

Availability varies by state, coverage selections and rating factors. Program criteria differ in Washington and California. The discount for smart home participation will be discontinued if an eligible smart home monitoring system is not purchased and activated within 55 days of enrollment. The smart home monitoring system and related support will be provided by Notion, the third-party system provider. Nationwide is not responsible for the system or any home monitoring.