The Extended No-Lapse Guarantee (ENLG) rider can add an extra measure of security at a low cost. It keeps your policy from lapsing, regardless of the policy’s net cash value.

Rider details

Work with your insurance professional to determine if the guarantee to age 90 or age 120 is right for you. Whichever you choose, the Extended No-Lapse Guarantee rider covers 100% of the total specified amount — the coverage stated in your policy.

The ENLG rider comes with our Automated Premium Monitor service to keep you informed of where you stand in terms of paying the required premium. This service will help keep the rider's guarantee protected.

When this rider is purchased with the Nationwide VUL Protector, a limited number of variable investment options are available. See the product prospectus or contact your insurance professional for details.

Available products

The Extended No-Lapse Guarantee Rider is available with the following life insurance policies.


Affordable permanent coverage, lifetime death benefit options and potential for some cash value accumulation.

Cost-efficient, permanent death benefit coverage with the option for a lifetime guarantee and some cash value growth potential.


Nationwide Variable Universal Life Protector II
Cash value growth potential with a death benefit that can be guaranteed to age 120.

Not sure which type of life insurance is right for you?

Optional riders that customize a policy to fit individual needs usually carry an additional charge and are only available through the purchase of variable universal life insurance products. Riders may be known by different names in different states and may not be available in every state.

Variable products are sold by prospectus. The product and underlying fund prospectuses contain this and other important information. Investors should read them carefully before investing. To obtain a product prospectus call 1-800-321-6064, contact an insurance professional or click on the prospectus link on

Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing life insurance company. They don't apply to the investment performance or safety of the underlying investment options. Underlying subaccounts are only available as investment options in variable insurance contracts issued by life insurance companies. They are not offered directly to the general public.