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At Nationwide, we believe in going beyond just insurance. That's why we're excited to introduce you to Nationwide Perks, your gateway to a variety of perks and discounts that can help you save money on things that enhance the well-being of those you love.​

Featured partner: eMeals

At Nationwide® we believe that meal planning should be made simple. That's why Nationwide has partnered with eMeals, a meal planning service that takes the guesswork out of dinner so you can focus on what matters most to you. Enjoy great savings with 30-day free trial, then $7 per month.

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Perks are savings and discounts available to everyone, including non-Nationwide members. No insurance or quote required for access to Nationwide Perks.

Car and travel

Discover car and travel perks that ensure that your daily commute and your adventures are worry free.​

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Because we believe in safeguarding the heart of your family, we're sharing these offers; use them to save for a home or elevate your home care.


Give your furry companions the best with beneficial pet deals, because we know pets are family, too.

  • PetPlate - Fresh dog food delivery. First box 65% off
  • Trill Paws - Unique ID tags and more for pets, 20% off with code NATIONWIDE20

Family, health and wellness

Prioritize your family’s health and well-being to ensure that you’re always there for your loved ones.

  • eMeals — Save time with easy meal planning (30 days free trial and then $7/month)

Planning for tomorrow

Save for your big dreams, secure your legacy and plan for a better financial future.

Protect your family’s future with Nationwide Life Essentials insurance coverage.
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Enjoy discounts, savings opportunities and more

Everyone deserves access to savings and discounts that can make a difference in their lives. Discover a world of perks and benefits designed for you and your family in the Nationwide mobile app.

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No insurance purchase or quote is required; you don’t need to be a Nationwide insurance policyholder to take advantage of these offers.