Snowmobile insurance

Regardless of skill level or experience, every snowmobile driver needs snowmobile insurance. Hitting the snow without adequate coverage could mean you are unprotected against medical payments and collision costs in the event of an accident. Nationwide offers many types of snowmobile coverage — you can choose the best policy for your lifestyle and budget.

Snowmobile insurance and discounts


From liability insurance for snowmobiles to coverage for custom parts, keep yourself and your snowmobile protected from collision, theft and vandalism.

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Many states require liability coverage by law. Collision coverage may also be required if you lease or finance your snowmobile.

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Available discounts make snowmobile insurance more affordable.

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Superior claims service

You can rest assured that your claim will be resolved efficiently so you can get back on your snowmobile with confidence.

To file a claim, call 1-800-421-3535.

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