Fixed annuities let you save for retirement with:

  • A tax deferral on earnings
  • Access to your money (withdrawals made before age 59½ are generally subject to a 10% early withdrawal federal tax penalty, in addition to ordinary income tax, and a contingent deferred sales charge – CDSC – may apply)
  • Death benefits for your beneficiaries
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What is a fixed annuity?

Growth paired with control

Fixed annuities protect your money from market ups and downs with guaranteed rates

Tax advantages

The value of your fixed-deferred annuity grows tax free, meaning you won't get a yearly tax bill on your earnings. (You'll have to pay tax on earnings once you start taking income, though.)

Income you can’t outlive

An annuity is the only investment that can guarantee income for life no matter how long you live.

Nationwide fixed annuity products

Product features and availability vary by state.

Nationwide’s market value adjusted annuity product

Some fixed annuities feature a market value adjustment (MVA) that offers flexibility of various guarantee terms combined with the potential for higher interest yields that traditional fixed investments.

We’re proud to offer Nationwide Platinum Edge®, our fixed annuity product with the MVA feature. Talk with your financial professional to help determine if this is the right investment strategy for you.

How fixed annuities work

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Decide how much you want to put in your annuity. You can make contributions over time or all at once.

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Choose a time frame and interest rate consistent with your needs.

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Decide how you want to receive payments from your fixed annuity. Either get lifetime payments or take your money as you need it.

Tools & resources

Make the most out of your fixed annuity.
Not sure if a fixed annuity is right for you? Compare all annuity types.
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Topics to discuss with your advisor

  • How a fixed annuity fits into your retirement plans.
  • Risk tolerance. What type of investor are you?
  • Payout options. What are the different ways you can take income from a fixed annuity?
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