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Section 19 Notices

See amounts of each Fund's current distributions paid from net realized capital gains, and return of capital based on each Fund's respective fiscal year end. The Fund will send a Form 1099-DIV for the calendar year that will tell how to report these distributions for federal income tax purposes.


Nationwide Diamond Hill Large Cap Concentrated Fund


Nationwide Destination 2010 Fund

Access important year-end information about your Nationwide mutual fund(s) to help you prepare your taxes.

Important year end information for shareholders

Form 8937: Report of organizational actions affecting the cost basis of securities

See the impact of certain fund organizational changes on cost basis numbers.

2023 cost basis of securities

2020 cost basis of securities

2019 cost basis of securities

2017 cost basis of securities

2016 cost basis of securities

2015 cost basis of securities

2014 cost basis of securities

Nationwide HighMark Short Term Bond Fund – 2014 Form 8937

2013 cost basis of securities

2012 cost basis of securities

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This information should not be considered tax advice. Please consult your tax professional if you have questions about how these distributions could impact your personal tax situation.