Having a plan can help secure the future for you and your loved ones


Think about the things you own that have financial value. Perhaps you have a home, investments, savings and other assets. Now think about how you picture them being used. Maybe you expect your investments to help fund a comfortable retirement. Perhaps you want to leave your home to your family. Having a plan to protect them can help ensure they’re there when you need them – and are used how you intend.

Without proper planning, your assets could be put at risk. For instance:

  • Your assets could be tied up in probate court when you pass, rather than going directly to your heirs
  • Market swings could impact your investments more than you’re comfortable with if you don’t have an investment mix that matches your goals
  • Another party could attempt to claim your assets through a lawsuit if those assets aren’t legally protected

You can take steps now to help keep your assets safe. Here are 3 ways to get started:

  1. Make sure your beneficiaries are current. Keep them updated for your retirement plan, insurance policies, savings accounts and other financial accounts. That will help ensure that the people or organizations you want to inherit your assets will get them.
  2. Check your asset allocation – the way your investments are divided among categories like stocks and bonds. Review the current allocation for your retirement plan in your account online but be sure to consider all your investments as whole. Choosing an allocation that supports your goals can help cushion you from market ups and downs.
  3. Talk to a professional familiar with your state laws. Experts like financial, legal and insurance professionals can help you determine other steps you may need to take based on where you live and sort through your current coverages and policies. This can help ensure that your family is protected should something unexpected happen.
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