High wind damage and wind safety
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Helping protect your home from damaging winds

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It doesn’t have to be a tornado or hurricane. A strong, gale-force wind can whip up and pack plenty of punch – and it can blow large debris around, causing real danger to people and potential damage to property. Without proper wind protection, windborne debris can break unprotected windows and blow doors off their hinges. Also, once a forceful gale enters a structure, the home’s contents will be exposed to the elements. 

If you live or are building a house in an area where damaging winds are common, we’ve got some wind protection suggestions to fortify your home against nature’s blusters.

Strong winds call for strong windows

If you’re building a home, avoid designs with large areas of glass, windows with multiple panels, and double-entry doors. And check local building codes for windborne debris protection requirements.

For an existing structure, your top priority is securing windows and other areas covered by glass. Your two best choices: permanent or temporary storm shutters. 

Permanent shutters

Temporary shutters

More protection

Other ways to protect your home and the things in it from high-wind damage:

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Even with the best preparation, you can still sustain damage from unexpected events like windstorms. Contact an agent today to protect your home with the right homeowners insurance for your needs.

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