Business Income Coverage

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Loss of Income Insurance Helps Pay Bills and Cover Payroll If Your Business Is Interrupted

If you have a covered property loss and your business is forced to close temporarily, business income coverage can help you:

Business income insurance works in conjunction with your property policy and provides coverage for events beyond your control such as fire, wind, hail, vandalism or damage from vehicles or aircraft that may interrupt your business. Flood, earthquake or glass breakage are typically not covered in a business income policy.

Options and endorsements

In addition to basic coverage, which is essentially earnings insurance or reimbursement insurance, there are different options and endorsements to provide additional coverage.

Extra expense coverage

Extra expense insurance covers expenses above and beyond normal operating costs incurred if your company is temporarily shut down. Depending on your type of business, extra expense insurance by itself can sometimes provide sufficient coverage.

Dependent property

Dependent property coverage provides earnings insurance if:

Utility services

A utility services option provides coverage if there is disruption of basic utilities, such as electric, gas or water provided by public or private utility companies that prevents your business from operating, resulting in a loss of income.

Civil authority

Civil authority coverage provides income if your business is forced to closed – or access to your business is prevented – due to an act of civil authority, such as an evacuation or disaster.

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