Working with livestock involves inherent risks. That's why Nationwide's AgriChoice® policy provides coverage for broad causes of loss for dairy farms, such as:
  • Accidental shooting
  • Attacks by dogs or wild animals
  • Electrocution
  • Flood loss
  • Loading and unloading accidents

What an AgriChoice policy covers

We listen to our farm and ranch customers, which has helped us develop innovative coverage protection for dairy farmers. We start with a base policy to protect what most dairy operations require, including:
  • Farm home and contents
  • Detached garages and other buildings
  • Farm and ranch structures
  • Personal property
  • Farm machinery and equipment
  • Milking and pasteurization equipment
  • Refrigeration units
  • Equipment breakdown
  • General liability protection

Then, we offer a variety of optional coverages to help you tailor your policy to the exact needs of your dairy farm, without paying for coverages you don’t need.

Optional AgriChoice coverages for dairy farms

Coverage for your herd

Insured dairy cows may be protected against several additional categories of loss. If you choose not to insure your cows, AgriChoice still provides you with coverage if they’re struck by a motor vehicle, train or accidentally shot. At no additional cost, this coverage provides protection up to $500 per head. Higher limits are also available.

Coverage for your hay

When coverage for hay is chosen, AgriChoice provides up to $100,000 per stack.

Liability protection for unwarranted animal cruelty allegations

Legal defense against animal cruelty charges may result in sizable attorney fees. AgriChoice provides coverage up to policy limits to reimburse attorney fees for lawsuits in which you’re found not guilty. (Not available in all states.)

Disruption of farming operations

Provides coverage for loss of earnings and extra expenses that result from an interruption of farming operations caused by a covered cause of loss.

Temperature-sensitive property

Offers coverage when an electrical interruption or a breakdown of a refrigeration system causes spoilage.

Additional coverages

Customize your policy to the needs of your operation.

Learn about optional coverages

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[1] For your home, contents and farm structures, you can select the level of coverage that's right for your operation. For equipment, livestock and other personal property used in your operation, your insurance policy will define your coverage based on which causes of loss apply.

Products and discounts not available to all persons in all states. Products are subject to deductibles, exclusions, and certain conditions.