Key person benefits

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As a business owner, you know your company is as strong as the employees who work for you. It’s up to you keep them feeling rewarded and appreciated by offering the right key employee benefits.

Key person benefits categories

Ensure the continuation of your business.

Have a succession plan

Reward and retain your top employees.

Reward top talent

Give your top employees an opportunity to save more for retirement.

Supplement their retirement

Life insurance

At Nationwide, we offer solutions for your key employee benefit needs with a variety of products that can help with business succession planning, employee retention and supplemental retirement offerings. These benefits use life insurance products to provide protection and the opportunity for cash accumulation.

Our key person benefits use business life insurance policies, which can either be:
  • Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI)
  • Corporate-sponsored, individually-owned (CSIO)

With COLI, the business owns the policy and pays the premium. With CSIO, the business helps the employee buy the policy. You may even help with premiums, but your employee owns the policy and may keep it when employment ends.

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