With cyber attacks becoming more frequent, there’s a growing chance that a business like yours will suffer a data breach or computer attack. That’s why you need protection to help offset the devastating effects it can have on your business from a financial and reputation standpoint.

Cyber risk solutions

Along with cyber insurance coverage, you have access to experts to guide you through compliance with state breach notification laws to avoid fines and penalties.

Expenses that are typically covered include costs associated with:
  • Notifying customers about a data breach
  • Providing credit monitoring services as required by some states
  • Setting up a call center for affected individuals to obtain additional information and sign up for credit monitoring
  • Protecting your electronic data and computer systems from damage and computer attacks
  • Assisting with any associated legal expenses

Cyber liability coverages and services

Loss control & cyber risk management

When you insure your business with Nationwide, you get access to our risk management resources, including eRiskHub and Cyber Safety powered by Zeguro. With these tools, you’ll get a better understanding of your data information exposures so you can be prepared for a cyberattack or data breach.

More information on cyber risks and solutions

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