Our commercial construction focus

We look to serve classes and sizes of commercial construction operations that are growing and may have outgrown small business coverages — a market often underserved. Our ideal contractor has a good knowledge of site and fleet safety and wants to work with us to develop their loss control programs further.

We seek contractors who passionately care about their employees’ safety and business reputation. Their work quality and standards are high, and they have the same expectations of their subcontractors.

Take advantage of our extensive expertise

  • Nationwide is a national carrier that writes commercial insurance in 46 states and the District of Columbia
  • We write over $800 million in construction premium and have a long history of insuring contractors
  • Customers are supported by a dedicated construction practice including specialized construction loss control services, casualty claims and construction defect team

Designed for commercial contractors

  • $750,000 in minimum construction payroll
  • 20 or more fleet vehicles
  • $100,000+ in insurance premium needs

Protection built to your high standards

We support general, specialty and trade contractors who do the following types of commercial construction (but not limited to):

  • General contractors – industrial buildings and warehouses (e.g. banks, drug stores, office buildings, etc.)
  • Commercial electrical
  • Commercial HVAC
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Excavation and land grading
  • Street and road construction
  • Street or road paving, surfacing, resurfacing or paving
  • Driveway, parking area or sidewalk construction
  • Water mains or connections construction
  • Sewer mains or connections construction
Men looking at plans in a construction trailer

Construction loss control services & risk management

When you insure your business with Nationwide, you get access to dedicated construction loss control tools and resources, including a team of industry experts who can review your operations, procedures and programs.

Safe driver training and resources
Operating vehicles can be a significant source of risk. Get training, resources and expertise to help keep drivers safe.

Specialized construction support

Combines building, business personal property and property in transit coverage to more fully address the needs of complex operations with high property values, multiple locations, and where business personal property is often moved between locations.

Construction equipment

Offers broad protection for graders, cranes, bulldozers, front-end loaders and other large equipment. There aren’t any restrictions on boom length or weight of load. We also can cover the big expenses that can follow a loss to equipment, such as renting substitute equipment, debris removal and pollutant cleanup.

Covered property includes buildings under construction (including foundations); materials on site, in transit, or at temporary storage locations; and temporary structures. Additional coverages are available for scaffolding re-erection, site preparation and debris removal.

City/state contractor’s license bonds, business services, fidelity coverage, wage and welfare, tax bonds, bid bonds, performance and payment bonds.

Construction claims – just like your business – are unique

We know that if you have a claim, not every situation is the same. So to help you and your business get back to normal as soon as possible you’ll have access to tools, resources and a team of experts. 

Check out some highlights on what sets our claims teams apart, such as:

  • Our core consultative services
  • Claims associate expertise
  • Tools that make it easy to file a claim

Commercial package policy

Combines commercial property, business income and general liability coverage into one convenient package. Options include additional insured status for ongoing and completed operations on a scheduled or blanket basis; primary / non-contributory coverage; waiver of subrogation; and per-project or per-location general aggregate limits.


Protect your construction company from lawsuits and injuries.

Liability coverage

Insure against physical damage to your business property.

Property coverage
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Cover your construction company against an interruption in income if you have to shut down unexpectedly.

Business income coverage
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Other business insurance products

Explore your options for additional insurance protection for construction companies.

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