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Our OthersFirst® program is open to both non-profit (501c3) and for-profit organizations in the business of caring for others, including:
  • Organizations who care for the elderly, the disadvantaged and others with physical or intellectual disabilities.
  • Outpatient and residential mental health programs
  • Daycare centers for children with and without special needs
Have a larger human services company to protect?
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Commercial package policy

Use a commercial package policy as your base, then choose from a wide range of basic and optional coverages and endorsements to addresses the specific risks inherent to the human services industry.

Insure against physical damage to your business property.

Property coverage

Protect your business from lawsuits and injuries.

Liability coverage

Cover your business against an interruption in income if you have to shut down unexpectedly.

Business income coverage

Other business insurance products

Explore your options for additional protection for human services organizations.

Specialized coverages & endorsements

As a human services provider, you have unique needs. That’s why we offer specialized coverages, endorsements and loss control services for your industry, such as:
  • Abuse prevention and reporting
  • Abuse or molestation coverage
  • Crisis response coverage
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Medicare and health care bonds 
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Wheelchair transportation
We insure both for-profit and non-profit human services organizations, including:
  • Home health care operations
  • Mental health clinics
  • Substance abuse centers
  • YMCAs

Loss control services & risk management

When you insure your business with Nationwide, you get loss control tools and resources, including a Loss Control Services team who can review your operations, procedures and programs.

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