Specialty health & travel insurance

Make sure you’re protected no matter what you do.

Nationwide Specialty Insurance offers innovative and affordable products and services that inspire individuals to manage health-related expenses and live healthier, more financially secure lives. Whether your goal is maintaining good health, participating in league sports or traveling around the world, health and medical insurance should be a top priority.

Nationwide offers a variety of supplemental health insurance, general liability, group accident medical and travel insurance benefits to support your everyday needs.

Our innovative and affordable specialty insurance products help you:
  • Manage health-related expenses
  • Live a healthier, more financially secure life

Nationwide specialty insurance products


Accidents, illnesses, injuries, cancelled flights, lost luggage and inclement weather can derail even the best laid plans.

medical cross

If you self-insure, a catastrophic claim could drain your medical reserves. Protect your profit margin and bottom line with medical stop loss insurance.

Find an affordable benefits package for you and your employees.

Nationwide & the US Travel Insurance Association (UStiA)

Nationwide is a member of UStiA, which promotes travel protection for U.S. travelers.

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