Comprehensive insurance vs. collision insurance
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The difference between comprehensive and collision insurance

comprehensive and collision insurance

Together, these two common types of auto insurance offer you protection when your vehicle is damaged. The type of damage they cover, however, is very different. Let’s begin with a description of each:

In some cases, comprehensive insurance covers the situations that collision insurance does not – which is why bundling the two together can work in your favor. View the table below to get a better understanding of situations each type of insurance can cover. 

Collision Insurance

Your car hits an object, such as a tree

Your car collides with another vehicle

Your car rolls over

Your car is damaged due to hitting a pothole

Comprehensive Insurance

An object falls on your car, such as a tree 

An animal collides with your car

Your car is damaged due to fire or natural disaster

Your car is vandalized or stolen

Factors to consider

You may be wondering if having both types of coverage is necessary. In order to determine if you need collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, consider the following: 

If considering the above factors have helped you determine that your car is high in value, you frequently drive long distances and your current financial situation would not allow for unexpected costs, having both comprehensive and collision insurance may be the right decision for you. If you are interested in required coverage that covers damages to other vehicles or property (if you are found at fault in an accident), you may want to learn more about liability insurance.

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