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10 things to keep handy in your car's glove box

car with a glove box on the side of the road

The glove box in a car, a compartment built into the dashboard in front of the passenger seat, is a useful place to store important documents and items. It’s called a glove box because it was originally meant for drivers to store gloves, but today they often become a repository of leftover fast-food ketchup packets, hair bands and receipts from long-forgotten purchases. 

There are useful things you should keep in your car, however, and the glove box is a great place for some of them. Here are some critical and convenient things you should consider having in your glove box:

The critical stuff to keep in a car glove box

The convenient stuff to keep in a car glove box

Some drivers even stow copies of their living will and power of attorney for healthcare in their glove boxes when they travel. That way, their requests are close at hand in case something happens while they’re out of town. All this – and you’ll still most likely have room for a few extra hair bands in your car glove box.

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