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Congratulations! As anyone will tell you, marriage changes your life. But maybe a little less obvious is how getting married impacts your financial picture and changes your particular insurance needs. So after your vows are exchanged, the toasts are made and you’ve cut the cake, here are 5 ways Nationwide offers to support you in this exciting new phase of your life together.

1. Multi-policy discounts

When it comes to insurance, putting all your eggs in one basket can make sense. For example, you can get a special multi-car discount when you insure both your car and your spouse’s car with Nationwide.

And if you already own a home, you can both enjoy extra savings when you combine your auto insurance with home insurance. Learn more about multi-policy discounts.

2. Group affiliation discounts

You may be eligible for a discount if you or your spouse are a member of an alumni or other membership organization. Make sure you ask about these – and other ways of saving money.

3. Comprehensive solutions

Now that you’re married, let’s make sure your renters or homeowners insurance policy covers all your combined possessions. You may have multiple computers, smartphones, jewelry items and (of course!) wedding gifts. All these can and should be covered under one policy.

You may also want to consider adding Brand New Belongings® coverage. If your possessions are damaged, destroyed or stolen, we will provide you with the funds to repair or replace your items.1

4. Expert advice

Evaluating your insurance coverage is something you should do once a year, or whenever you’ve had a major change in your life – such as a getting married.

Schedule an On Your Side® Review, a free consultation that looks at how married life will affect your insurance needs. Call your agent or 1-888-891-0183 to learn more.

5. On Your Side® service

At Nationwide, we put customer service at the heart of what we do. We'll answer your questions, offer experienced and honest advice and serve as your advocate. A quick call with a licensed representative can ensure you’re getting the right level of protection for you and your spouse.

[1] Brand New Belongings is an optional feature. Exclusions and limits apply. Damaged items may be repaired in some cases. Details vary by state and policy language.

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