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In the last three years, the powersports market — including ATVs and UTVs — has seen dramatic growth. That’s only expected to increase. Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) data projects the $37 billion U.S. industry will almost double to $69 billion in the next decade. And that’s not just for off-road hobbyists.

Many ATVs and UTVs are workhorses on U.S. farms and ranches. Their utility is growing. In some cases, these vehicles are more economical, high-performance and fuel efficient than larger pickups or trucks. The bottom line is ATVs and UTVs are invaluable in helping farmers and ranchers do a lot of jobs.

Alarming trends call for heightened attention to safety

Operating ATVs and UTVs safely requires a unique skillset and greater attention to driver, operator and even passenger safety than cars and trucks designed for roadway travel. Off-highway vehicles (OHV) often lack the safety equipment of larger vehicles. They cause more than 700 deaths and 100,000 emergency department-treated injuries each year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The number of deaths and injuries involving young people on ATVs and UTVs is a major concern. In 2023, the Consumer Federation of America documented 498 OHV fatalities, with children under 15 accounting for 19% of these incidents. Children aged six and under make up a large share of OHV deaths, with some as young as three losing their lives riding an OHV.

“As a protection company, we at Nationwide see these alarming trends as a call for heightened attention to safe, responsible vehicle operation,” said Dirk Pollitt, Vice President of Farm Sales & Underwriting at Nationwide. “These increasingly powerful machines become more popular for both work and recreation. it’s the right time to raise ATV/UTV safety awareness for farmers, ranchers and their families — especially their youngest members.”

Let’s Champion Rider SafetySM

To help turn this trend around, Nationwide and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are teaming up to champion UTV and ATV safety with a new safety campaign, Let’s Champion Rider Safety. The focus is on connecting ATV and UTV users to safety resources and encouraging families to discuss responsible riding. We’re also working with ATV Safety Institute and Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association to promote UTV/ATV safety training programs. This effort can help improve operator safety and prevent accidents on and off the farm.

“Our collective goal is simple,” said Pollitt. “It’s to make sure every operator knows what it takes to ride safely in the right places so we don’t have to read another headline about a lost life or serious injury from an ATV or UTV.”

Join us and become an ATV/UTV safety champion

If you ride ATVs or UTVs as a family, for work or recreation, we urge you to visit for important information and resources, including:

And explore our Let’s Champion Rider Safety playlist on YouTube, which features a collection of Dale Jr. and youth safety videos.

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