life insurance portability

In today's economy, where “no job is permanent,” it's important to have portable insurance that's not tied to your employer. Leaving your job can mean not only a lost paycheck, but also an end to the benefits your employer offers: 401k, pension and insurance coverage. 

Solution? Buy a policy directly through a life insurance agency or company, and it will be portable – it’s yours, and it stays with you no matter who you work for. 

What is portable life insurance?

By having a portable life insurance option, you are allowed to keep your life insurance policy when leaving a job or starting at a new company. Regardless of your health or whether you have voluntarily or involuntarily left your employer, you can still apply for portable life insurance as long as it’s within the window of eligibility after your previous coverage has ended.

Getting your own portable life insurance coverage is the best way to be sure you’ll remain protected, no matter what happens to your job. Find a Nationwide insurance professional today and see what type of coverage may be just right for you. Or if you prefer, explore our numerous life insurance options on your own to determine which one can best help you reach your financial goals.

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