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Whether you’re preparing for retirement, planning for life’s situations or just need to find an investment professional, let us help you navigate your way.

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Tools and calculators

Tools and calculators

Use our resources to help you plan for retirement.

Life insurance: what's right for you?

Life insurance: What's right for you?

Find out which type and how much is right for you and your family.

Investment FAQs

Investment FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about investing with Nationwide.


Annuity videos

Our videos can help you learn about the different annuities available to assist you in retirement.

What is an annuity?

Discover how annuities can help protect your retirement income, legacy and spouse.

Why choose an annuity?

Learn about the benefits and features annuities can offer as you prepare for the future.

Finding the right fit

Learn more about which annuity may be right for you.

What is a variable annuity?

When you need the greatest opportunity for growth.

Fixed indexed annuities

When you’d like the chance for upside growth but still want some protection from market downturns.

Immediate annuities

When you’re looking for income you can count on with a set schedule.

Fixed annuities

When you’re looking for growth without exposing your money to market risk.

Annuities riders and features

Learn how to customize the policy to meet your individual needs.

What do annuities cost?

Understanding your investment.

Investing basics

What is estate planning and why is it important?

Many people are surprised to learn that they need an estate plan. Find out what goes into a comprehensive estate plan and how to get yours started today.

Which is right for you: a living trust or a will?

Discover the difference between these two important documents and which one might be a good fit for your needs.

What’s the difference between an advance directive vs. living will?

Learn about the key differences that set these two important documents apart.

glossary of financial terms

Glossary of financial terms

Read these simple definitions and explanations of some commonly-used terms.

Investment types

Learn about the various types of investments, and which ones align best with your own goals.

Tax-deferred investments

Learn how tax-deferred investments work.

Annuity fees and charges

Learn about standard fees that may be deducted from your payments and cash value.

Asset allocation

Manage market risk through diversification.

dollar cost averaging

Dollar cost averaging

Learn about the benefits of regular, periodical investing.

compounding interest

Compounding interest

Discover how your investments earn money over time.

How to rebalance your portfolio

How to rebalance your portfolio

Learn about rebalancing your investments in order to stay on track with your ultimate financial goals.

choosing subaccounts

Choosing subaccounts

Learn how to choose the underlying investments for your variable annuity.

Common investing errors

Common investing errors

Avoid the four most common investing errors.

Financial ups and downs

Understand market cycles and how they affect your portfolio’s performance.

Money management worksheets

Money management worksheets

Organize your financial plan and records using our financial worksheets.

Individual retirement accounts (IRA)

Individual retirement accounts (IRA)

Learn how an IRA may help you invest for retirement.

Expand your choice of investments

Expand your choice of investments

Few retirement plans can give you the level of choice that an IRA does.

retirement investing risk tolerance

What is your retirement investing risk tolerance?

Figure out how much risk you are willing to take when investing for retirement.

How to use a charitable trust to leave your legacy

Leave your legacy to a cause you care about with a charitable gift fund.

How to start your child's college fund

How to start your child's college fund

Learn how you can start an early college fund for your child.

What is estate planning?

What is estate planning?

Use this checklist to ensure your family and estate are covered after your passing.

Setting up a trust fund

What is a trust fund, and how does it work?

A trust fund can give you more control over what happens to your assets.

How to write a will

How to write a will

Learn some useful tips for writing your will.

Saving change in a jar now happens digitally

Saving change in a jar now happens digitally

Save up fast with an online money jar, many apps offer ways to save.

Legacy giving

Planned giving

What to know about gifting property within a family.

Retirement advice from real retirees

Here are 10 important tips from current retirees that can help you plan for your own retirement.

Should you pay off debt or save?

Should you pay off debt or save?

Find out if you should pay off your debt before saving money.

Investing in foreign markets

One way to diversify your portfolio is to put some of your money in overseas investments. Learn more to see if this is a good strategy for your needs.

Has Your Investment Professional Passed the Test?

Has your investment professional passed the test?

Learn about financial designations investment professionals can earn through education and often long and complex examinations.

How do investment professionals get paid?

Learn about the three types of ways investment professionals are paid for their services.

Choosing an investment professional

Learn how to find a financial professional with knowledge and experience that matches your needs now and in the future. Find one that's right for you.

Diversify your investments

Portfolio diversification, or spreading your wealth out across a variety of investments, is an important investment strategy. Learn more.

College savings plans & how to get started

Starting a college fund for your baby is easier than you think. Learn how the right strategy can help you save for college and balance your expenses.

How to stay invested in a volatile market

Read these tips and strategies on how to navigate market fluctuations and stay invested in a volatile market.

What to consider when appointing a guardian in a will

Discover the importance of naming a guardian in your will and the key points to consider as you make your decision.

Life insurance answers

The best life insurance options for seniors

The best life insurance options for seniors

Your protection needs, goals and budget change over time. See which products may be a good fit as you age.

What is a life insurance rider?

What is a life insurance rider?

Learn more about these optional features that can provide you and your loved ones with additional protection.

Are you underinsured?

Are you underinsured?

Discover the six signs that could indicate you're underinsured and learn how to figure out how much you really need.

father carrying his daughter

How to find affordable life insurance

Learn how to find the most affordable life insurance coverage to meet your unique needs.

How to buy life insurance online

How to buy life insurance online

Discover how quick and easy it can be to get the life insurance protection your family needs.

How do I choose a beneficiary?

How do I choose a beneficiary?

Learn how to choose your primary and secondary life insurance beneficiaries.

What is critical illness coverage?

What is critical illness coverage?

Discover how to get more value from your life insurance policy with coverage for critical illnesses.

What is portable life insurance?

What is portable life insurance?

See the benefits of buying your own life insurance policy.

Why do I buy life insurance?

Why do I buy life insurance?

Get four good reasons for buying life insurance.

Types of life insurance

Life insurance comparison

Compare the four types of life insurance to find the features and characteristics you’re looking for.

How much life insurance?

How much life insurance?

Learn how to arrive at the right amount of life insurance for your particular needs.

Should I Get Permanent Life Insurance?

Should I get permanent life insurance?

Find out the benefits of having a permanent life insurance policy.

How to Prepare for a Life Insurance Exam

How to prepare for a life insurance exam

Learn some simple ways you can prepare for a life insurance medical exam.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

How much does life insurance cost?

Find out the average costs of life insurance and what factors impact life insurance rates.

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

Benefits of permanent life insurance

Learn some of the differences between permanent and term life insurance as well as some of the benefits of choosing a permanent insurance policy.

Why Should You Purchase Life Insurance

Why should you purchase life insurance

There are many important reasons to buy life insurance, including protecting the people in your life who matter the most. Learn more.

What is no-exam life insurance and how does it work?

What is no-exam life insurance and how does it work?

Discover the benefits and limits of no-exam life insurance and see whether traditional life insurance may be a better value.

How to shop for life insurance

How to shop for life insurance

Learn more about the best ways to shop for life insurance and what to expect when applying for a policy.

Life insurance situations

3 tax advantages of life insurance

3 tax advantages of life insurance

Learn about 3 important tax advantages of life insurance.

Leave money to your heirs, not the IRS

Leave money to your heirs, not the IRS

Life insurance can help your beneficiaries avoid income taxes.

Paying for your child’s education

Find out how life insurance may help with college.

Think about life insurance as an asset

Think about life insurance as an asset

A life policy may be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Leave money to a charity

Leave money to a charity

See how you could leave a larger gift to your favorite charity.

Leave money to pay my final expenses

Leave money to pay my final expenses

Look for life insurance with a death benefit.

Cover your future long-term care costs

Use life insurance to help with long-term care.

Pay off your mortgage

Pay off your mortgage

See how life insurance can help protect your family.

Protect your business

Protect your business

Learn several ways life insurance can be a smart way to protect your business.

Changing your life insurance policy

Changing your life insurance policy

Find out when and how to change your life insurance.

Do college students need life insurance?

Here are three reasons to consider taking out a life insurance policy for your student.

Leaving a Legacy for Your Family

Leaving a legacy for your family

Find useful tips on how to leave a legacy for your family.

Mutual fund basics

Types of mutual funds

Types of mutual funds

Find a type of mutual fund that may work with your goals, time frame and risk tolerance.

Choosing a mutual fund

Choosing a mutual fund

Learn about the facts to consider when selecting mutual funds with your financial professional.

Dividends and capital gains

Dividends and capital gains

Learn how dividends and capital gains are paid.

Mutual funds investment risks

Better understand potential changes dealing with inflation, interest rate, credit, currency change and more.

Why invest in mutual funds?

Mutual funds can help you work toward your long-term investment goals even during challenging economic conditions.

Preparing for retirement

What are the Average Savings by Age?

What are the average savings by age?

Knowing how much money you should have saved based on your age will keep you on the right track for retirement.

Video: How a retirement plan works

Learn how a retirement plan works and the power you have within it to take control over your future.

Video: What is a 401k retirement plan?

Learn the basics of a 401(k) – a long-term, tax-advantaged plan to help employees save for retirement.

Video: How much is enough? A secret strategy for retirement saving

Check out our 3-step approach to help you calculate and set aside what you'll need for retirement.

Video: How can you invest through your 401(k)?

Learn how to contribute, monitor and manage your investments in an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan.

Video: How often should you review your account?

See how an annual portfolio review can help ensure your investments and risk level stay on track with your goals.

Video: Learning more about retirement planning

Learn about the financial options and strategies to help you save for the retirement you want.

Video: The power of compounding

Compound interest isn't just earnings on your investment; it also pays you earnings on your earnings.

Video: Retirement income

See the three main things to consider when funding your retirement income.


Video: Asset allocation and diversification

Learn how a good investment mix can reduce risk.

Video: Managing multiple accounts

Learn about the potential benefits of consolidating multiple accounts.

Learn about basic retirement plans

Learn about basic retirement plans

See how you can stay ahead of the curve and plan for your retirement today.

IRA rollovers

A rollover IRA can be a valuable tool for your retirement plan.

Budgeting your money

Budgeting your money

Managing your money now may help you meet your long-term goals.

Make your retirement date a reality

Find out how your 401(k) contributions and savings balance compares to your peers.

Why you should participate in a retirement plan

Why you should participate in a retirement plan

Get information about how to get the most out of your retirement savings plan.

Smart things to do with your 401(k)

Smart things to do with your 401(k)

Discover seven important tips on how to use your 401(k) to help you reach your retirement savings goal.

What if your company doesn’t offer a plan

What if your company doesn’t offer a plan

Learn about other ways to work toward your retirement goals.

What if your company doesn’t match 401(k)?

You may feel the burden of building your own retirement assets, but you have options.

Sources of income in retirement

Understand where your income could come from in retirement.

When to take Social Security

When to take Social Security

Learn when to start your Social Security benefits.

Financial road map

Financial road map

Create a plan to help you reach your financial goals.

Retirement & health care

Wondering about health care and costs after retirement?

How to Save and Build Wealth in Your 40s

How to save and build wealth in your 40s

Learn the steps you should be taking in your 40s to reach your financial goals and be prepared for retirement.

Do I Need a Financial Professional?

Do I need a financial professional?

Learn the questions you should be asking when you consider getting a financial professional.

How Much Should I Contribute to My 401(k)?

How much should I contribute to my 401(k)?

Learn how much you should be contributing to your 401(k).

Quiz: How much do you need to save for retirement

Take this quiz and find out how much you should be saving per month for retirement.

What is Key Person Insurance?

What is key person insurance?

Find out how key person life insurance can protect your business if you lose a key employee.

Health Care Survey

Health Care Survey

Read the Nationwide 2021 Health Care Survey Results to see top findings and to help prevent expenses from getting in the way of retirement plans.

4 conversations about future health care costs

4 conversations about future health care costs

When preparing for retirement, it's important to stay aligned with your doctor, family, and employer about healthcare costs. Learn what topics you should discuss.

Long-term Care Benefits Infographic

Different long-term care policies cover different services. Make sure you are informed before you choose the policy that's right for you.

Medicare and Heath Care Costs in Retirement

Check out our Medicare and health care costs in retirement infographic to learn about options, costs and gaps in coverage.

Social Security Consumer Survey Results

Social Security Consumer Survey results

Read the Nationwide 2022 Social Security Consumer Survey Results to see top findings and learn about social security insights.

Making Social Security Work for You

Making Social Security work for you

Use our resources to understand how to make Social Security work for you and your retirement.

Traditional IRAs

Traditional IRAs can be a valuable building block of your retirement plan. Learn what a traditional IRA is, what is offered and how to open a traditional IRA.

What is a Roth IRA?

Roth IRAs allow you to invest money that you'll use when you retire, with extra tax savings. Learn more Roth IRA information and Roth IRA withdrawal rules.

Your company's retirement plan

Decide to enroll

Learn about factors to think about as you consider enrolling in your 401(k) retirement plan.

Questions to ask your employer

Consider asking these questions when starting a new job or enrolling in a retirement plan.

Earn more with an employer match

Earn more with an employer match

If your employer matches a portion of your contributions, consider contributing at least enough to get the full match.

You may be enrolled automatically

You may be enrolled automatically

Your employer may enroll you in a plan automatically. Learn how that may help prepare you for retirement.

Over 50, Consider catch-up contributions

Over 50? Consider catch-up contributions

Learn about catch-up provisions for your 401(k) retirement plan.

Are you on track for retirement

Are you on track for retirement?

Use the My Interactive Retirement PlannerSM to find out how much you’ll need to save for retirement.

Enroll in your retirement plan

It’s never too early to start investing for retirement.

Employee Benefits Guide

Employee benefits guide

Learn the different types of benefits your employer might offer.

Healthcare Benefits to Consider

Health care benefits to consider

Understand how you can fully utilize your company's health care coverage and health spending accounts to save on medical expenses in the present and future.