Types of Motorcycle Insurance

Different riders have different insurance needs. You may have spent years investing time and money into a vintage Harley, and want to look into custom equipment or modification coverage. Or, you could be starting out with a new motorcycle license, looking to increase your medical payment coverage, just in case. Nationwide agents are available across the country to help riders make informed decisions on motorcycle insurance.

Types of motorbikes Nationwide insures

Nationwide understands that riders are as different as their bikes. Take the opinion on the word "motorbike", for example. Some use it only to refer to a small, light motorcycle or a scooter, while others use it interchangeably with "motorcycle". No matter how you look at your two (or three) wheeled vehicle of choice, Nationwide can provide motorcycle, scooter and motorbike insurance that protects you and your ride for the long haul. Find more information on yours, below.

New and like-new motorcycles

OEM endorsements help ensure that your motorcycle is repaired with new parts from the original equipment manufacturer. If an original equipment manufacturer part is not available, payment based on the fair market value of the new original equipment manufacturer part will be issued. This coverage is available for new motorcycles and can last until the motorcycle is 10 years old.

Vintage and antique motorcycles

A robust selection of classic car coverages aren’t the only vintage vehicle insurance products we offer. Our classic motorcycle insurance covers kit and vintage bikes (up to $30,000).


More and more states, now require moped insurance for street legal vehicles—sometimes even those with 50cc or smaller engines. Find out if you need moped insurance.


We insure scooters from a zippy 50cc engine to a 500cc for regular street use. Scooter insurance is required if you decide to drive it on the road, but it's valuable to have even if you don't plan on using your scooter as a means of daily transportation.

Dirt bikes

Although they aren't street legal in most states, dirt bikes (and their owners) still benefit from proper insurance. Dirt bike insurance offers comprehensive and collision coverage, plus personal property, bodily injury, and med pay coverages—important options for a vehicle used in extreme sports.

Customized motorcycles

The comprehensive insurance on your motorbike insurance policy provides $3,000 of coverage for custom equipment and upgrades you add to your bike. If you need more coverage than that, our custom motorcycle insurance lets you protect your custom parts for up to $30,000 and custom bikes and converted or custom trikes up to $50,000.

Sport bikes

These high-performance vehicles are a joy to ride, and can be good for beginners or experienced riders. Different features, such as whether or not your bike has an anti-lock brake system, can affect your policy, so speak to an agent about sport bike insurance today.

Touring motorcycles

A touring motorcycle lets you bring essentials with you while traveling. That contents and equipment on a full-dress motorcycle can add up, between GPS, radio, and items stored in your bags and panniers. Our agents will help you balance your homeowner’s contents coverage with touring motorcycle insurance from Nationwide so you can travel the country stress-free.

Trikes and auto cycles

Whether your three-wheeler is converted, factory built, or an auto cycle, insurance from Nationwide can help protect it.

  • Converted trikes may require additional custom equipment coverage to insure after-market modifications
  • Auto cycle insurance varies state to state. In some places they are treated and insured as motorcycles, and in others, auto cycles—especially enclosed ones—are insured as cars.

Multiple motorcycles

Are you a collector? With Nationwide motorcycle insurance coverage, you can have numerous bikes on one policy with coverage up to $50,000 per bike.

Start a motorcycle insurance quote today. Don't see the type of motorcycle you ride in the list above? Contact an agent.

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Insurance terms, definitions and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which are controlling. Such terms and availability may vary by state and exclusions may apply.