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Stop loss insurance offers security for your employees and your bottom line

Self-funded health insurance can significantly reduce the overhead costs associated with traditional health care coverage. Along with the benefit of lower premiums and certain tax breaks, it also enables better control over your financial reserves without sacrificing the quality of health care coverage for your employees.

Self-funding can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional insurance – especially if you employ young, healthy individuals – but it can also be risky. If several of your employees fall seriously ill, or even one employee files a catastrophic claim, those medical bills could wipe out your entire medical reserves and require additional funds to cover the costs. Medical stop loss insurance from Nationwide Employee Benefits® can help you guard against this risk.

If you've chosen to self-insure, stop loss insurance will reimburse you for your employees' covered medical bills after you've reached a predetermined deductible. It serves as a protector of those valuable reserves and can help save both your profit margin and your bottom line.

Medical stop loss plan provisions

Basic Features and Benefits
Case size Available to groups of 50 or more eligible employees
Coverage types Stand-alone specific OR Specific and aggregate
Coverage maximums ACA compliant maximums to unlimited
Minimum specific deductible $25,000
Contracts Specific and aggregate: 24/12 to 12/24

Optional medical stop loss insurance features

Customize your medical stop loss insurance policy with the following options:

  • Disclose and close early lock-in
  • Non-lasered renewal
  • Laser pools
  • Conditional lasers
  • Aggregating specifics
  • Specific Advancement
  • Monthly Aggregate Accomodation
  • Specific and Aggregate Terminal Liability
  • Medical management services
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