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Insights to help plan for long-term care

People are living longer these days — life expectancy has increased 30 years in the last century.1 Which is great but it also means we’re more likely to experience a need for long-term care in retirement than previous generations. Many people don’t understand the risks those costs can pose to their retirement plan, so they aren’t preparing for them.

See the results from our recent long-term care consumer survey. You’ll learn the latest insights and see why it’s important to work with a financial advisor.

For clients

Ask your advisor to complete a Nationwide Health Care/Long-term Care Cost Assessment and discuss your options to help cover the cost of long-term care

For advisors

For more information, call the Nationwide Retirement Institute Planning Team at 1-877-245-0763 or view more resources you can use as you help clients plan for long-term care in retirement.

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