Nationwide’s SmartRide program rewards safe driving

Driving safely is no easy feat. If you’re a driver committed to staying alert, avoiding distractions, and following the rules of the road, we’re going to reward you for it.

SmartRide, a usage-based insurance program, gives you personalized feedback to help you make even safer driving decisions. You’ll earn an instant 10% discount when you sign up. The safer you drive, the higher the discounts you could get – up to 40%.

How SmartRide works:

Nationwide app

1. After enrolling, download and activate the app.


2. Drive as you normally do, and confirm the first few trips.

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3. Check the app often to see your progress and track your discount.

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4. Lock in your final discount at the end of the program. We'll apply your discount* at your next policy renewal.

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SmartRide measures 4 driving factors

Your driving trends will determine your discount based on 4 factors: miles driven, hard braking and acceleration, idle time and nighttime driving.

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Have a connected car?

If you have a connected car that measures driving behavior, you may have already earned a SmartRide discount.

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There is no cost to participate. Simply enroll, activate and drive.

SmartRide is an optional program available to Nationwide members who have auto insurance.

No. This is a discount program. SmartRide measures driving behavior to reward you with a discount, not raise your rates.

During the program, your estimated discount is updated weekly based on your driving. At the end of the program, your final discount is calculated and applied at your next policy renewal. You’ll receive the discount for as long as you insure your vehicle with us.

The SmartRide program lasts about four to six months.

The SmartRide app is the easiest way to participate in SmartRide for most customers. However, we may recommend participating in SmartRide with a device if one of your vehicles was enrolled in one of our other usage-based insurance programs. Learn more about the SmartRide device program.

If you have questions about your SmartRide discount, contact your agent or call us at 1-855-421-2688.

*SmartRide program criteria differ in California and North Carolina. Stated discounts are approximations. Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements; actual savings vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes. Enrollment discount applies during data collection; final discount is calculated on driving behavior and could be zero. Final discount applies at the next policy renewal and is subject to change based upon actuarial support at subsequent renewals or with changes in drivers or vehicles on the policy. In Virginia, the discount may decrease at renewal based on changes in driving behavior.