Long-term care benefit claims

To file a claim, call 1-800-848-6331

When long-term care (LTC) needs arise, it can be a difficult and complex time for individuals and families. Nationwide is on your side to help you through the process of filing a long-term care claim and initiating the payment of benefits.

Starting the process for a long-term care benefit claim

What you should have ready to begin the claims process:

  • Your (or the insured’s) policy number
  • Contact information for the policyowner and insured if they are not the one initiating the claim
  • Financial and/or health care power of attorney, if available

What will the process be like?

  1. After you contact us, we will verify the insured’s coverage. 
  2. A Claims Coordinator will contact the insured or their legal representative and explain long-term care and the process. 
  3. The Claims Coordinator will help the insured or their legal representative with the necessary paperwork and steps.
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Don't know your policy number?
Call us at 1-855-863-9639.

What are the requirements to receive benefit payments?

To qualify for and begin receiving monthly LTC benefits, the following things must happen:

If you eventually need LTC, we offer personalized support in filing your claim and finding the care that’s appropriate for you.

Even if you don’t have all the information that you think you might need, a Claims Coordinator will help you with the process.

1. The insured must be certified by a U.S.-licensed health care practitioner to:

Be unable to perform, without substantial stand-by or hands-on assistance from another individual, at least 2 activities of daily living (ADLs) due to a loss of functional capacity for a period of at least 90 days (ADLs are bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring).


Have a severe cognitive impairment that requires them to receive substantial supervision from another individual to protect them from threats to health and safety due to their impairment.


2. The insured must complete a 90-calendar-day elimination period. Upon meeting the elimination period, it is satisfied for life of the policy in the event you have more than one LTC claim.

The LTC claim must be recertified at least every 12 months, but may be sooner based on the insured’s recoverability or condition.

How our long-term care benefits are paid

All our products pay a cash indemnity benefit. This means that once the claim has been approved, we don’t require monthly bills and receipts to be submitted. The full monthly amount is available without any restrictions from Nationwide on how it is spent. 

Benefits are tax free up to the greater of the HIPAA daily limit in year of claim or the actual qualifying long-term care cost incurred. Benefits may be taxable under certain circumstances. Consult your tax advisor.

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To get more information or initiate the claims process, call 1-800-848-6331 or talk to your financial professional.