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Cleveland, Ohio is a former figurehead among the mid-west’s industrial powerhouses and an ensuing 21st century comeback story. If the home of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and perennial sports underdogs is also your home, you’ve got plenty to be proud of. And when you’ve got a home you’re proud of, protecting it is paramount. Keep your home safe with coverage from Nationwide.

Explore homeowners insurance coverage options in Cleveland, OH and protect yourself and the things that matter most, all while finding new ways to save.

Cleveland home insurance coverages and discounts

  • Dwelling replacement cost – Coverage that protects the structure of the home (roof, walls, wall-to-wall carpeting, etc.).
  • Brand New Belongings – May be purchased to provide replacement cost for personal property in the event of a covered loss.
  • Better roof replacement – Optional coverage that guarantees that a strong, more leak-resistant, longer-lasting roof will be installed if a claim results in the need for full replacement.
  • Equipment breakdown – Provides coverage to repair or replace costly household appliances.
  • Service Line Coverage – Offers protection to cover the cost to repair damaged exterior underground service lines. Service line must be owned by the homeowner.
  • Other structures –  Coverage for sheds, detached garages, and other structures not connected to the main dwelling itself.
  • Personal property – Coverage for personal items (clothing, furniture, appliances, computers, etc.) on and off the premises.
  • Loss of use – Coverage for when an insured has to move out of the home while repairs are made as a result of damage of a single occurrence (only the highest deductible will be applied).
  • Home and Car Special Deductible – Waives or reimburses the lowest deductible when a covered auto and property loss is the result of a single occurrence, only the highest deductible will be applied.

Homeowners insurance can protect your home in Cleveland against theft, fire, lawsuits, weather damage, and other covered losses.

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