Get lifetime coverage, as long as you pay your premium when it’s due.

Two payment options

When it comes to a whole life insurance policy, you have choices. Select the payment option that works best for you.

1 Whole Life 100: Premiums are the same until they stop when you turn 100.

2 20-pay Whole Life: Premiums are the same until the policy is paid after 20 years.

Key features

  • Permanent protection
  • Predictable, fixed premiums
  • The ability to customize policy with riders for an additional charge
  • A guaranteed cash value and death benefits
  • Access to your money through loans (for an additional charge, certain restrictions apply)
  • Income tax-free death proceeds

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Available whole life policy riders & options

Customize your whole life insurance policy to meet your specific needs.

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

If you have a fatal accident, your beneficiaries will receive additional funds on top of your regular death benefit.

Children’s Term Insurance Rider

This rider pays a life insurance benefit in the unfortunate event of the death of a child.

Guaranteed Insurability Benefit Rider

Guarantees you the right to purchase additional permanent life insurance policies.

Premium Waiver Rider

If you become disabled, this rider credits a monthly premium to your policy after a six-month elimination period.

Spouse Rider

Provides level term insurance on your spouse.

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