Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older. Signing up is one of the first big decisions you’ll have to make in retirement. Let’s focus on what’s called Path 1: a blend of coverage from the government (Part A and Part B) and private health insurers (Part D and Medigap).

This is hospital insurance that helps cover inpatient services.

This is medical insurance that helps cover outpatient services.

This is supplemental prescription drug coverage that may help with some medication costs.

Not every service will be covered. You can go to the Medicare website for detailed information.

How to fill the gaps in coverage

Here are some ways that can help you fill in the gaps:
  • Purchase Medicare supplemental coverage
  • Talk to a Medicare professional to determine what additional coverages you may need later
  • Talk to your employer to see if it’s possible to extend your existing coverage into retirement