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Homeowners insurance claims made easy with Nationwide

At Nationwide, we work hard to make sure the process to settle your insurance claim is second to none, whether it’s a home, condo or renters insurance claim.

Our property claims process is designed to help settle your claim quickly and efficiently – and get your home back into shape with minimal inconvenience for you. 

While each claim may be different, here’s what typically happens at each step in the process:

Starting a claim

You may start your claim by calling our Claims Service at 1-800-421-3535 or you may report your claim online now.

Please have handy:
You’ll then be assigned a Nationwide claims representative, who will:

Estimating Damage and Repair

Minor property damage claims may be handled over the phone. Depending on the extent of the damage, however, a representative may be required to inspect your property.

The representative will provide you with a detailed written estimate and assessment that includes all visible and verifiable damages.

In some cases, you may receive payment immediately after the inspection is completed.

When it comes to repairs, you may select a contractor from our On Your Side® Property Repair network, or you may arrange for a contractor on your own.

If you select your own, make sure they’ve operated in the area for several years, are insured and will give you a written guarantee.

Protecting your property – and more

Property Claims

Your claims representative may suggest ways to protect your property to prevent further damage and to ensure the claims process and reimbursement for costs goes smoothly.

Suggestions like:

If it’s your home that has been damaged and is unlivable while it’s being repaired, we may be able to help cover your living expenses as well.

Settling and Closing Your Claim

Once your damages have been estimated and reviewed with you, we’ll issue payment under the terms of your policy, minus any deductible amount you’re responsible for paying.

Depending on the circumstances of your claim, you can choose how you receive this payment: direct deposit to your bank account, on a Visa® debit card or by check.

Typical property insurance claims

Wind damage

Debris and foreign objects carried by high winds can cause extensive property damage. 

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Water damage

A water heater leak and burst pipes are common incidents that can cause damage to your property. 

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Hail damage

Be sure to pay attention to hail reports, since hail can cause damage to the exterior of your home, as well as shatter windows and glass doors.

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Theft damage

If your home has been broken into, damaged and some of your possessions stolen, our streamlined claims process can help you get things back in order.

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