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Nationwide: Our Roots Run Deep

It all began on the farm. With our roots among people who worked the fertile Midwestern fields and plains, at Nationwide we’ve never lost sight of our heritage. Nationwide has seen agriculture change over the years. We’ve seen the family farm give rise to the entire agribusiness industry – spawning new technologies, new business models and practices, bigger equipment and better ways to grow safe, nutritious food for an expanding world. 

That’s why today we’re #1 insurance carrier for farms and ranches in the United States, with a robust and ongoing commitment to the needs of commercial agribusiness. Now more than ever, we’re On Your Side®.

Who we are

A Fortune 100 company with $26 billion in operating revenue (2015), we’re one of the leading insurance providers in America, protecting millions of homes and businesses. But perhaps no portion of our business is as central to our history and identity as agriculture. Farming is a major part of who we are.

We know how challenging yet rewarding agribusiness is – from growing produce and tending livestock to processing and distributing products to market. Besides insuring grain elevators, feed mills and refined fuel distributors, we also serve food processors, meat processors, beverage bottlers, nurseries and greenhouses, fruit & vegetable growers and more.

We are committed to the well-being and welfare of those who make a living in the ag industry. To that end, we’ve developed a robust risk management and loss control practice to help you identify risks or safety threats, avoid hazards and reduce the likelihood of accidents in your operation.

And if anything does go wrong, we’re here for you all the way.

We also care deeply about the communities we serve, because that’s just what neighbors do.

How we got here

Through decades of relationships built on honesty and integrity, we’ve earned our position as the largest insurer of farms and ranches in America.

What we offer

Our agribusiness services include:

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