Boat and Personal Watercraft Claims
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Get Your Boat and Watercraft Back in the Water Quickly

A collision with a boat dock, a bent propeller or a blown engine that leaves you stranded can turn fun on the water into frustration.

Nationwide understands that you want to get your boat or personal watercraft back into working order and your insurance claim settled quickly.

If you are involved in a boating accident:

Starting a watercraft claim

You may start a claim online or by calling our On Your Side® Claims Service at 1-800-421-3535. Please have your name, address, telephone number and policy number handy.

A Nationwide claims representative will gather any essential information, review your insurance policy, and explain coverages in your policy and your deductible.

The representative will walk you through the claims process and answer any questions related to your claim.

Estimating damage

Minor claims may be handled over the phone and payment issued immediately. Depending on the extent of the damage, however a claims representative may need to inspect your boat or personal watercraft, document the damage and provide you with a detailed written estimate of the damage. 

In some cases, you may receive payment immediately after the inspection is completed.

Settling and closing your claim

Once your damages have been estimated and reviewed with you, we’ll issue final payment under the terms of your policy, minus any deductible amount you’re responsible for paying.

The payment you receive is based on the coverage you purchased and the severity of the damage.

Is my boat or Personal Watercraft (PWC) damage covered?

Nationwide protects recreational boats, valued up to $350,000, including bass boats, sailboats, cabin cruisers, pontoon boats and ski boats – both on the water and on the road.

Like homeowners insurance, a boat policy may cover you for liability if someone is injured on your craft. Like auto insurance, boat coverage may pay for:

Available options may cover theft, vandalism, fire and flood, personal property coverage for your fishing gear, uninsured boater insurance and even roadside assistance if you need a tow.

Speak with your agent to confirm you have adequate coverage or learn more about boat and PWC insurance coverages. 

Boating safety tips to help you stay safe

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