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Nationwide has protected and served businesses like yours for nearly 100 years. More than half a million businesses have trusted us to take care of them and their employees when the unexpected happens.

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At Nationwide, we care about your business and your employees. We provide ways to help get injured employees the care they need quickly, an easy claims experience, resources to help prevent accidents, and resources to help get injured employees back to work successfully after an injury.

Nationwide has been in the business of protecting people and businesses for nearly 100 years. Thousands of businesses like yours have trusted Nationwide with their workers’ compensation coverage because they know that Nationwide will be there to take care of their employees when the unexpected happens.

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Most states require business owners to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Requirements vary by state and are based on factors such as the number of employees and the type of industry. Businesses that fail to carry workers’ compensation insurance can be subject to severe fines, lawsuits and potentially criminal charges. A Nationwide agent can advise you on what coverage you need.

Workers’ compensation regulations vary by state. In most instances, coverage is provided to all paid employees of a business. Owners, volunteers and independent contractors are typically excluded. In some cases, a business owner might be liable for coverage to a subcontractor if that subcontractor does not have workers’ compensation. Likewise, they might be liable for independent contractors if they are considered employees within that state. A Nationwide agent can help you determine what is required in your state to protect your employees and your business.

Workers’ compensation insurance usually will not cover accidents that are a result of an employee being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Coverage can also be denied for injuries caused intentionally or when accidents occur outside of the course and scope of work.

You can enhance a basic policy with additional commercial liability insurance options that meet the specific needs of your business. We offer property, liability, auto and more. Talk to a Nationwide agent to discuss what additional coverage your company might need.

A few places to start would be to maximize safety and claims management practices, verify you don’t have uninsured contractors or subcontractors that you might be liable for, and ensure that employees are classified properly. Depending on state requirements, your business might qualify for an experience modification rating, which can influence your premium. Talk to a Nationwide agent for more details on how to control workers’ compensation costs.

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Reporting workplace injuries as soon as you become aware of them helps lower your claims costs by providing the injured worker immediate assistance in obtaining the right level of care before the injury gets worse. Prompt reporting not only leads to better outcomes for the injured worker but also creates less disruption for your business in the long run and helps avoid various penalties and fines imposed by states for late reporting of claims. Delayed reporting can result in lost evidence in the event of a claim investigation. It can also increase the potential for fraud.

Learn more about the necessary steps to take when an accident occurs, plus discover tools and resources to help keep your employees safe.

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