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The first step to becoming a responsible driver is learning the rules of the road. A reliable driver’s education program can help. We suggest checking out certified driver training schools in your area while also playing an active role in teaching your teen to drive Here are a few tips on helping your teen learn the rules of the road and setting a good example.

Get your teen driver behind the wheel

Driver’s ed class will teach your teen about basic rules, hazards and driving techniques. Your job, as a parent, is to make sure that classroom knowledge is put to use behind the wheel. There’s no such thing as too much driving experience. Everyone can use more than the state’s minimum requirement. 

Eliminate distractions

Becoming a smart, safe driver requires practice – lots of it. Before going through the long list of laws & techniques, start by emphasizing the importance of not texting, tweeting or anything else involving distractions from a mobile device. 

Teen parking tips

Teaching teens to drive means making sure they practice parking in different situations, including angle parking, perpendicular parking, parallel parking and parking on hills. Let them know that parking is always prohibited in front of driveways, fire hydrants and intersections. Also have them check for parking signs near crosswalks and stop signs.

Entering and exiting freeways

Entering and exiting freeways is a complex driving skill that can give teens trouble. Some of this is due to driver inexperience. But teens also have difficulty judging distance, location and speed. Help your teen practice entering and exiting freeways until you’re both comfortable. 

Practice driving at night

When the sun goes down, road risks go up. The glare of oncoming headlights. Inability to see familiar landmarks. Teach your teens how to navigate at night – after they’re comfortable driving during the day.

In the event that one of these common hazards causes your teen driver to be stuck on the side of the road, Nationwide offers Roadside Assistance which will send emergency services to their location with no payment require on site.

Practice during inclement weather

Bad weather freaks out motorists. Snow? Rain? You’d think many of these people had never touched a steering wheel before. Teach your teen to handle skids, hydroplaning and temporarily insane drivers.

Teen driver education resources

Use these to become a better driving coach & keep your teen safe:

The more your teen encounters, the more they'll be ready to handle situations when they're on their own. Understand more about your role  as a coach in the car.

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