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College students are usually focused on getting to class, maintaining good grades and graduating on time. Student life insurance policies are an issue that they're unlikely to contemplate.

But there are some circumstances when a college student should weigh buying life insurance. It can provide an extra layer of financial protection for a surviving family. Consider the situations below.

1. Student loans

Many college students pay at least part of their education with student loans. For federal student loans, the amount owed is canceled in the event the student dies before paying off the debt. That doesn't happen with private student loans, which are more like traditional loans and still must be paid off. These types of loans also typically require a co-signer, who becomes liable for paying off the loan if the student dies.

In some cases, the loan’s repayment schedule is accelerated after a death or can even require immediate repayment in full. This may put the co-signer in a serious financial bind as they struggle to pay off the loan or damage their finances and credit rating in the process. A student life insurance policy will pay off the remainder of the loan in the event of a student’s death and protect the co-signer financially.

2. Covering dependents

It may not be the norm, but it’s certainly not uncommon for an undergraduate to get married or have children while in school. There are also many cases of older, married students who have delayed the start of their education or are returning to college after time off.

Here, too, life insurance offers financial protection to a spouse and dependents by paying off student loans and other debts as well as funeral expenses if the student dies. Depending on the policy, it can also provide financial support for the student's children.

3. Protecting parents

Student loans aren’t the only way to pay for a college education. Parents of students can finance their child’s education through various methods, including home equity credit and 401(k) loans. If the student dies prematurely, these debts still need to be paid off, which can take a heavy financial toll on a family. A term life insurance policy on the total amount of their expected college debt will help cover these expenses.

College is expensive. To cover family members in the event of a student’s untimely death, a life insurance policy provides financial protection from unpaid loans and other debts. Explore our affordable life insurance for students today.

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