Whether you’re stuck in the snow, stranded due to a dead battery or involved in an accident, you want help — and you want it fast.

Towing coverage

Optional towing coverage provides reimbursement for towing expenses from the location your vehicle stopped. Since towing companies typically charge by the mile, this coverage could help you avoid extra cost and frustration. To add towing coverage, you must first have comprehensive coverage on your policy.

Labor coverage

Optional labor coverage covers the cost of repair at the site of your breakdown. This includes delivery and installation of the parts – not the cost of the parts.

Towing limits

Towing reimbursement is limited based on your individual policy. Talk with your agent about reimbursement amounts, number of claims allowed per year and the impact of longer-distance tows.

Roadside Assistance®

On your policy, towing and labor coverage may have been replaced by Roadside Assistance. Ask your agent. Or read more about Roadside Assistance.

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