The last thing you want to worry about after being in an accident is coming up with hundreds of dollars to fix your car. Vanishing Deductible will lower your comprehensive and/or collision deductible by $100 for every year safe driving. Up to $500 total. After a 30-day waiting period, the initial $100 credit is applied when you add this coverage to your policy.

How does Vanishing Deductible work?

Vanishing Deductible is an optional feature. You’ll earn $100 off your deductible for each year of safe driving, up to $500. Your deductible could vanish completely. Why not be rewarded for something you’re already doing?

Here’s an example: Let’s say you have a $500 deductible. After 3 years of safe driving with Vanishing Deductible, you’ll earn a $300 credit. If you have an accident, you would pay just $200 toward your deductible before your insurance starts to cover any damages.

And if you have an accident, you don’t have to worry about your deductible going all the way back up to $500. Your Vanishing Deductible reward would be reset to $100, still providing you savings. If you want car insurance with no deductible or car insurance with a low deductible, ask about Vanishing Deductible today.

Vanishing Deductible is just one of the ways Nationwide helps you save. Learn more about other Nationwide optional features such as:
  • Accident Forgiveness, which can prevent your rates from increasing after your first accident
  • SmartRide, a usage-based program that rewards safe driving with discounted insurance premiums

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Vanishing Deductible is an optional feature. Annual credits subject to eligibility requirements. Maximum credit: $500. Details and availability vary by state.

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