Pay-per-mile car insurance program

Drive less? Get a monthly insurance rate that's based on your mileage.

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SmartMiles is not available in the following states: AK, HI, LA, NC and NY.

Introducing a pay-per-mile car insurance program that could save you money

SmartMiles is car insurance for low-mileage drivers. It's the same great coverage as a traditional Nationwide auto policy, but with a flexible monthly rate that's based on how many miles you drive.

How SmartMiles works

Your rate consists of two parts: a base rate and a variable rate (cost per mile). Because the variable portion of your rate is based on mileage, it will vary month-to-month based on the number of miles you drive. Here is a monthly rate example:
SmartMiles $95 total rate; $60 variable rate, 7 cents per mile times miles driven per month;$35 base rate; 500 miles per month
Traditional policy $133, unlimited mileage
*Actual scenario in Chicago, IL: single 35-year-old male, 2017 Jeep Cherokee L, no traffic violations or accidents in the last 3 years, includes average final safe driving behavior discount. Data is through November 2020.

Who is SmartMiles for?

If you drive less than the average driver, SmartMiles could save you money. You might not get behind the wheel every day because you...

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Discover what SmartMiles can do for you

There are 2 ways to participate: with a small device or with an eligible connected car. Watch our videos to learn more.
SmartMiles with a device

SmartMiles with a connected car

What you get with SmartMiles

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Road trip exception

Only the first 250 miles count on a single day.

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Convenient mileage tracking

SmartMiles uses a small device or your connected car to track the miles you drive.

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Online access

Keep tabs on your mileage and your monthly payment.

Learn more about how SmartMiles works for you

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Yes. SmartMiles offers the same flexibility and great coverage selections as traditional auto insurance policies. But with SmartMiles you could pay less, because your monthly payment is based on the number of miles you drive.

Products underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliates. Columbus, Ohio. Availability varies. SmartMiles variable premium is based upon the Cost Per Mile established for the coverages in force and the number of days and miles driven when the coverage is in force. SmartMiles Safe Driving Behavior Discount could be zero and does not apply to all coverage elements; actual savings vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes. Safe Driving Behavior Discount applies at the next policy renewal and remains while the vehicle is enrolled in SmartMiles. Estimated premium is subject to change based upon final rated mileage during the mileage period and policy changes. Safe Driving Behavior Discount not available in California.