Property Claims: Wind Storm Damage
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Providing Protection When Wind Damages Your Home

During storms, winds gusts can cause serious damage. Wind and the debris it carries can easily damage windows and doors, damage your home’s exterior and even cause damages to personal property. 

If your home is damaged by wind

Call Nationwide Claims Service at 1-800-421-3535 and have handy:

Documenting damage

Preventing further damage

Repairs and cleanup

How our claims process works 

A Nationwide claims representative will contact you to:

Minor claims may be handled over the phone and payment issued immediately. Otherwise, a Nationwide representative may inspect your property and give you a damage estimate.

In some cases, you may receive payment for repairs immediately after the inspection.

Any payment is based on the coverage you’ve purchased and the severity of the damage, minus any deductible you’re responsible for paying.

Choosing a contractor for repairs

You may select one from our On Your Side® Property Repair Network or arrange for a contractor on your own.

If you choose your own contractor, make sure they’ve operated in the area for several years, are licensed and insured and will give you a written guarantee.

If it’s your home that has been damaged and is unlivable while it’s being repaired, we may help cover your living expenses.

Learn more about our property claims process

Safeguarding your home and family

Protecting windows is a priority

Other areas warrant protection

Learn more about how homeowners insurance and available options can help protect your home and belongings.

The information contained on this page is intended to provide insight into our Property Claims process. The information is not intended to replace policy language that determines coverage. If you have questions about your policy, please contact your agent.

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