The following is important information for medical providers looking for e-billing information for a workers' compensation claim.

Clearinghouse contact and payer ID

Nationwide Workers’ Compensation accepts eBill submission from medical providers, in all states and on all claims. If you’re a medical provider seeking eBill submission of medical bills, you may do so by:
  • Contacting your own eBill clearinghouse
  • Registering with a clearinghouse of your choice
  • Contacting
eBill Clearinghouse WorkCompEDI, Inc.
Phone number (800) 297-6909
Payor ID LV 164 (Nationwide, Allied, Harleysville and Nationwide Agribusiness)
Have a question? Contact Angie Doran at or 1-614-677-8613.

Each claim is handled on the basis of its individual facts and circumstances, in accordance with policy language, including applicable exclusions, conditions and limitations, as well as applicable controlling law.