Report within 24 hours (even if you don't have all the information)

Claims-reporting options

Construction workers viewing plans

Get state-required documents

Nationwide's digital claims kit includes important claims department contacts, instructions and forms to help your business stay compliant.

Get a printable claims Program Guide to share with supervisors and employees.

Additional claims programs and resources

At the time of an injury, employees feel most vulnerable and uncertain about what will happen. Becoming familiar with these programs can help ease the frustration and confusion for everyone should a situation arise. These programs and resources are included with your Nationwide® workers’ compensation policy at no additional charge. 


First Fill prescription drug program
The First Fill program provides one-time presecription processing before a workers' compenstation claim is established.

What employees can expect (video)
This overview of the claims process for the injured worker is designed to ease their anxiety about what to expect.

Network of preferred medical providers
Our network of preferred providers can get your employees the care they need faster.

Claims FAQs
These provide additional information about the claims process for employers and employees.

For more information, check out the employer's guide to workers' compensation claims.