Read what customers around the country are saying about Nationwide

When you are looking for auto insurance, it's important to know that the company will be there for you when you need them. Here are real quotes from Nationwide customers around the country.

1. Best auto insurance rates

Many customers say competitive rates on auto insurance quotes are one reason Nationwide is one of the best-rated auto insurance companies today.

"I'm with Nationwide because they have the best rate plan around. They've always been there when I need them." 10-year customer Houston, Texas

"I shopped around to see if I could get coverage any cheaper than what Nationwide provides. I checked with five different companies. Four of them said they couldn't touch the price for the coverage I currently had. The fifth company could only offer a savings of $15 per year!" 15-year customer Prince George, Va.

2. Discounts make a difference

As one of the best-rated auto insurance companies, Nationwide offers a variety of discounts to save you money.

"I shopped around with several insurance companies before choosing Nationwide, and they provided the cheapest overall insurance cost. I appreciate the discounts they have offered thus far." 11-year customer Houston, Texas

"I've been with Nationwide for about 15 years, and I have not regretted it one bit. They have always been there for me and always work with me to ensure I get all the discounts possible." 15-year customer Euless, Texas

3. On Your Side® Claims Services

Our Nationwide On Your Side® Auto Repair NetworkSM means fast, hassle-free handling of your auto insurance claims. It's another reason why Nationwide has one of the best auto insurance ratings in the country.

"You find out how good your insurance company is when you have an accident. With Nationwide's On Your Side repair centers, you get quality repairs with the work guaranteed by Nationwide." 10+ years customer Charleston, S.C.

"I have been involved in three separate deer-related collisions, and each time I was able to submit my claim(s) online and received a quick follow-up. The bottom line: Nationwide = A+." 10+ years customer Roper, N.C.

4. A best-rated auto insurance company that's On Your Side

Our customers know they can rely on Nationwide to be there.

"We went with Nationwide when I was hit by a driver who was insured by Nationwide, and I was treated so well that we switched." 20-year customer Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

"I had an accident a few years back, and within minutes Nationwide was on my side. They had a rental car ready for me and even asked me if I needed medical attention." 10+ years customer Houston, Texas

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