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Your money

Leveraging your investments for cash

Learn how Nationwide Smart Credit, our securities-backed loan (SBL), works as an alternative to liquid assets when you need cash.

How to teach kids about money

Teaching your kid about money can be intimidating. Follow these fun and simple steps on introducing proper money management skills at any age.

What to consider when executing a will

Properly executing your will can save your family a headache down the line.

Savings calculator

Find out how much you can save with different interest rates.

Tax preparation tips

Get ready for tax season with this helpful list.

Responsible credit card use

Find tips on how to use a credit card for everyday purchases without letting your debt get out on control.

How to file your taxes

See your options for filing your taxes and know what you should have to be prepared.

Black Friday or cyber Monday

Find out how to take advantage of both events to get the best deal.

Protect your money while traveling

How to avoid financial pitfalls while traveling.

Budget-friendly travel tips

Find out how to budget for your next big vacation while managing existing debt. Read our tips for saving, budgeting and finding the best travel deals.

What to ask before changing jobs

Learn what you should be thinking about before you commit to changing jobs.

combining households living together

Combining households & living together

Couples must work though a number of practical points before they move in together.

Preparing for life after college

Learn 8 smart ways you can prepare for life after graduation.

4 tips to help you find a job after college

If you’re a recent grad, here are a few tips to help you enter the workforce.

Learn how to choose the right college

Check out these tips to help you pick the right college for you and your child.

Tips for your first job after college

Here’s what to expect and how to set yourself up for success at your first job.

Savings and investing plan infographic

Find out if you’re ready to start investing your savings.

How to pay off student loans

Find out how you can plan your finances to pay back your student loans after college.

17 ways to save money

Check out these money saving ideas that can really add up.

Co-signing your child’s student loan vs. parent loans

Learn about the pros and cons of getting a parent loan versus co-signing your child’s student loan.

How to stick to a budget

A spreadsheet and some discipline can help you wrest control of your finances.

3 simple rules for living on your own

If you’re a young adult living on your own for the first time, follow these practical tips for a balanced budget.

Your first paycheck: How much should you save?

Learn how much you should be saving early in your professional career.

How to get out of debt

A solid management plan can help you get out of debt.

How to pay off short-term debt

Learn the different ways you can pay off your short-term debts.

In-state vs. out-of-state tuition

Why is out-of-state tuition higher?

What are financial assets?

Learn about financial assets and how they can help secure your future.

Do you need a prenup?

Learn more about prenuptial agreements.

Build better money habits

Learn how to curb bad spending.

Basics of taxes

Learn the basics of taxes to be better prepared for the next tax season.

Guide to living within your means

Find useful tips on how you can budget your money wisely.

Should I refinance my mortgage

See what you should consider when determining if refinancing a house is right for you.

Personal finance terms

Common personal finance terms, defined simply.

Credit scores, student loans and marriage

Does getting married affect your credit score? Find that answer and more here.

Finances in marriage

Finances in marriage

Your guide to managing combined finances

Use public Wi-Fi wisely

Use public Wi-Fi wisely

Not all public WiFi is secure. Understand how to protect yourself on the web.

Tips to help you save money in college

Tips to help you save money in college

From books to loans and more, find out how you can save money while being a college student.

Understanding email phishing

Understanding email phishing

Learn how to spot an email phishing scam and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

Save for the holidays

Learn how small changes can be a big help with saving up for the holidays.

Moving to a new city

Learn how to make your fresh start a financially stable one.

Family financial check-up guide

Find out how to save money by taking a big-picture look at your family’s financial health.

Smart banking

What is Identity Theft Insurance?

What is Identity Theft Insurance?

Learn about Identity theft protection services and coverage options.

How direct deposit works

The best way to get paid

How direct deposit works and how to set it up.

How to avoid ATM fees

How to avoid ATM fees

Learn how to avoid ATM fees to access your own money.

how to bank safely online

How to bank safely online

Learn how to maximize your bank's online security features.

Where is my routing number?

Where is my routing number?

Use this image to understand the numbers at the bottom of your checks.

How to pay off credit cards

How to pay off credit cards

Learn how to gradually chip away at your debt by paying off your credit card balances.

Personal finance terms

Personal finance terms

Common personal finance terms, defined simply.

Why your credit score matters

Why your credit score matters

Loans are a necessary part of life and a good credit score is important. Find out how lenders use this number to determine your creditworthiness.

Creating secure passwords

Creating secure passwords

Protect your financial accounts and more with these password security tips.

When you should refinance your car loan

When you should refinance your car loan

Learn about the scenarios where refinancing your car loan can save you money.

How to report bank fraud

How to report bank fraud

Do you suspect you’ve fallen victim to bank fraud? Follow these steps ASAP.

Avoid credit card skimming

Avoid credit card skimming

Credit card skimming is a tactic hackers use to steal your information. Learn how to spot a skimming device and protect your bank accounts against skimmers.

What is malware

What is malware?

There are many types of malicious software that can infect your computers and smartphones. Learn how malware works and get tips to protect your devices.

Your home

How to Save for a House

How to save for a house

Buying a house is the biggest and most complex purchase most people ever make.

5 Benefits of refinancing your home loan

5 Benefits of refinancing your home loan

Refinancing your mortgage may help you save money, among other benefits.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

DIY or Hire a Professional?

Five things to consider when deciding between doing it yourself (DIY) and hiring a professional for your home improvement projects.

What is the average cost of utilities?

What is the average cost of utilities?

Learn about the cost of utilities, and get tips to help you save on them.

Home equity loan vs. line of credit

Home equity loan vs. line of credit

Learn the difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit.

The cost of solar panels

The cost of solar panels

Learn how solar panels can help you save money and calculate how much they would cost.

What is a home warranty?

What is a home warranty?

Understanding home warranties and home insurance.