A vehicle is usually considered a total loss when repair costs for the damage are greater than the vehicle’s value. Here’s what you can expect & how you can prepare:

What you'll do

  1. Remove your license plates, paperwork & personal items
  2. Find your title
  3. Give your lien/leaseholder permission to discuss the claim with us
  4. Leave the keys with the vehicle

What we'll do

  1. Work with you to complete all documentation
  2. Coordinate everything with your lease/lienholder
  3. Contact you to discuss:
    • Steps required to release your vehicle
    • Your settelement
    • Rental vehicle options (if applicable)
  4. Pay your claim once the vehicle and signed documentation are received
Call 1-800-421-3535 to speak to a Nationwide claims associate or find an agent.

Each claim is handled on the basis of its individual facts and circumstances, in accordance with policy language, including applicable exclusions, conditions and limitations, as well as applicable controlling law.

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