Boat & watercraft insurance claims

Get your boat and watercraft back on the water quickly

To file a watercraft claim, call 1-800-421-3535

If you’re involved in a boating accident:

  • Exchange name, address and boat identification with any other operator involved in the collision
  • Take pictures to document damages for your insurance claim

Starting a marine insurance claim

Nationwide understands that you want to get your boat or personal watercraft back into working order and your insurance claim settled quickly. To get started call 1-800-421-3535.

When filing a watercraft claim, it is helpful to have your name, address, telephone number and policy number handy.

A Nationwide claims associate will:
  • Gather essential information
  • Review your insurance policy
  • Explain coverages in your policy and deductible
  • Walk you through the claims process
  • Answer questions related to your claim

Estimating damage

Depending on the facts of the claim, a claims associate may arrange an inspection of your boat or personal watercraft prior to settling your loss.

Settling and closing your claim

Once your damages have been estimated and reviewed with you, we’ll issue payment under the terms of your policy, minus any deductible and other amounts you’re responsible for paying.

What are my boat or Personal Watercraft (PWC) coverage options?

Nationwide protects recreational boats, valued up to $350,000, including bass boats, sailboats, cabin cruisers, pontoon boats and ski boats – both on the water and on the road.

Like other personal insurance policies, a boat policy may cover you for bodily injury liability under the terms of your policy if someone is injured on your craft or your craft injures someone. It also may cover you if your craft damages a dock or someone else’s boat.

Additional coverages are available that may cover:

  • Theft, vandalism, fire and flood
  • Damage to your boat caused by a collision
  • Loss or damage to personal property brought onboard
  • Loss to fishing equipment
  • Bodily injury you suffered from an uninsured boater
  • Towing if you break down on the water

Speak with your agent to confirm you have appropriate coverage or learn more about boat and PWC insurance coverages.

Need to file a business claim?
Visit the business claims center. Or call us at 1-800-421-3535.

Each claim is handled on the basis of its individual facts and circumstances and in accordance with policy language, including applicable exclusions, conditions and limitations, as well as applicable controlling law. Insurance overview is for informational purposes only and does not replace or modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance policies or declaration pages, which are controlling. Terms and availability vary by state and exclusions apply.