With decades of experience insuring breweries, we understand the risks unique to your industry. Risks that include spoilage of perishable goods, equipment breakdowns, premise liability, liquor liability and leakage, to name a few.

Our comprehensive insurance program and services can be customized to protect your brewery while meeting state requirements.

Commercial brewery insurance package

The following coverage options are standard as part of your brewery insurance package.

Insure against physical damage to your brewery.

Property coverage

Protect your brewery from lawsuits and injuries.

Liability coverage

Cover your brewery against an interruption in income if you have to shut down unexpectedly.

Business income coverage

Specialized coverages & endorsements for breweries

You can customize your brewery insurance package with the following coverages and endorsements.

Asset Defense® program

Combines building, business personal property and property in transit coverage to more fully address the needs of complex operations with high property values, multiple locations, and where business personal property is often moved between locations.

Manufacturers errors and omissions coverage endorsement

Covers financial loss if your product causes damage due to a negligent act, error, omission or defect in material or in a product sold that results in a third-party financial loss. Includes up to five years of prior acts coverage, with an automatic 60-day extended reporting period.

Property protection plus endorsements - breweries

Gold and platinum options contain a wide range of coverages, including contract cancellation; manufacturer product adulteration and contamination; patterns, dies and molds; processing water; and utility services interruption.

General liability enhancement - manufacturers

Contains numerous upgrades to liability protection, such as additional insured status for vendors, delivery errors and omissions, and broadened bodily injury and property damage coverage.

Product withdrawal coverage endorsement

Covers expenses associated with recalling a product from the market, such as notification, employee and transportation costs.

Brewery property endorsement

Protects your operation with a wide variety of coverage and extended limit options. We offer higher limits for:
  • Spoilage of perishable goods
  • Leakage
  • Brands and labels

Other business insurance products

Explore your options for additional protection for breweries.

Equipment breakdown insurance

Protect your brewery equipment against breakdowns.

Commercial auto insurance

Protect your brewers, drivers and other employees when they drive on company time.

Workers’ compensation

Protect your brewery employees.

Management liability

Protect your brewery from claims against your executive officers and board of directors.

Umbrella liability

Extend coverage for your brewery, over and above your other liability coverage.

Surety bonds

Guarantee your brewery’s integrity and honesty, as well as your legal and contractual compliance.

Loss control services & risk management

When you insure your business with Nationwide, you get loss control tools and resources, including a Loss Control Services team who can review your operations, procedures and programs.

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