Disaster and recovery preparation
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Create a disaster plan to protect your home and family

Emergency Preparation

No one can prevent natural disasters. But you can prepare for one. Being ready for a catastrophe before it happens may help to protect yourself, your family and your home. 

Create a plan with your family, figuring out what to do in the event of a disaster. Where should you meet? Who’s responsible for the dog? Make sure everyone knows the plan – then have drills, practicing so they’re comfortable with who does what.

Prepare for a natural disaster

Create an emergency kit

Having an emergency kit on hand may help you keep your family safe during a disaster. Keep emergency supplies in a large waterproof container near a door or in your garage, so you can grab it and find shelter quickly.

Good items for a disaster kit:

Depending on your situation, a kit could also include:

Create an emergency savings fund

A natural disaster may damage your home, but it doesn’t have to destroy your finances too. Having an emergency fund may help you avoid going into debt or dipping into retirement savings after a disaster.

Help kids plan for and cope with disasters

Protecting your family from natural disasters includes preparing them for what could happen and how to react. So, take time to talk to your children about:

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Here’s some specific information about various types of natural disasters:

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