Earthquake preparedness
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How to prepare for an earthquake

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The United States Geological Survey estimates that around the globe, there are an average of 15 major earthquakes (magnitude of 7 to 7.9) – and one giant earthquake (magnitude of 8 or above) – each year.1  We can’t predict when a quake will occur, but with good preparation you can help protect your family and your home – and emerge from the disaster a lot less rattled. Here are some important earthquake safety tips:

Before an earthquake

Structures built to meet or exceed common building codes may better withstand an earthquake. Talk to an architect, engineer or building contractor about:

Preparing your home

Suggested steps that may help make your home and family safer:

During an earthquake

Your safety depends on staying calm and reacting quickly. Some tips:

After an earthquake

You still may be in danger once the shaking stops. In the aftermath of an earthquake, buildings can collapse. There can also be landslides, floods and fires.

If you're trapped under debris

If you're in your home

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